Kim Andersen is a Medical Intuitive and Inspiring Vision Coach. With Kim’s medical training and intuitive skills, she helps people gain deeper understanding and clarity around pain and illness. She has assisted thousands of people in transforming their lives by identifying imbalances and intuitively Guiding them to new Possibilities..

Intuitive Services

Kim uses her specialized intuitive skills to scan the body for areas of imbalance that may need alignment or treatment. Patients are then Guided and supported through this trans-formative process of stepping beyond the pain and contributing factors of their illness. Kim then offers strategies to assist with long term health and well being. Clients often connect and find profound solutions within, leading to a sense of vibrancy, joy and knowing of who they really are!

“We worked to release those old patterns and strategize new approaches that assisted me in having more clarity, being less reactive, having more insights on team dynamics, while working with better strategies to be a leader. Kim is determined and gifted with how she assists others with her unique gift.”

-Tony M. – Trio Restaurant

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Empowerment, transformation and connection

Step into Who you Really Are and Uncover your unique Gifts

Improved Leadership, team connection and better communication

“Kim’s ability to gently nudge and encourage me on my path is a testament to her patience. Kim has the ability to create a safe space, which allows growth.. Her product knowledge and how it works within the body is outstanding..”

-Gail V. – Cloud 9 Massage Therapy